Ishka Monument

THE ISHKAMONUMENT                     

South Texas Alliance of Indigenous People with Larry Running Turtle Salazar are in the process of constructing a bronze statue to commemorate the second largest American Indian burial ground in Texas. We have high hopes of getting a bronze sculpture from world renowned artist Dave McGary. The monument will be placed on the Pat and Hans Suter Park, Ennis Joslin Rd. in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Larry Running Turtle Salazar, of Tsalagi and Apache descent and president and co-founder of South Texas Alliance of Indigenous People, has been heartily and adamantly committed to the efforts of restoring honor, dignity and respect to the thousands and thousands of American Indian souls who’s remains have been wrongfully seized and removed from their final resting place, locally and throughout the Americas.

This monument will serve as a tribute to all our ancestors who have been  desecrated and disgraced for so many years.

 Please help us build this monument to commemorate the spirit of our native ancestors.

  - "Until we meet again"




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